The EB in Emeryville

My first date since the big break up is tonight.   It should be interesting.  This man is 10 years my junior.  And… based on the FB updates of recent, his hair is now blue.  What’s really up with these young men these days?  My brother’s hair was Rihanna-red on just one side.  Now this boy has gone and dyed his entire head Superman-blue.  And he’s calling himself the Blue Juice.  WTF. 

It should be interesting, to say the least. 

We’re meeting for happy hour at the Elephant Bar in Emeryville.  I am not a fan of the food at the EB, but, you know, the drinks are okay.   I am going to try not to pass judgment on this boy’s head.   I am going to try to look beyond the exterior and try to get to know something about Mr. Blue Juice.  I promise to have a good time and not place expectations on this boy due to my past experiences.   I will enjoy my blue juice.  LOL!!!

He will never ever live down the blue hair.  I hope it was temporary and I am not going to be seen in public with a fool with blue hair.  Seriously.  Is that supposed to be cool?  Is that funny?  I don’t quite understand the attractiveness of blue hair on a grown man. 

What’s hilarious is that even after the blue hair is gone, I’ll call him Blue Juice.  LOL!!  He will not live that name down.  

Until tomorrow’s update, I’m Single and the Town, signing off and on my way to mingle with a PYT called Blue Juice.