downDATE: something old and basketball

This downDATE is a couple of weeks late.  Catching up with an old friend is a positive.  Going out with an old boyfriend can also be positive.  However, allowing yourself to get caught up in this OLD boyfriend is 9 times out of 10 a negative.

The basketball game was a lot of fun.  He was a gentleman, but he always handled the basics pretty well.   He looked GREAT!  The attraction between us has always been electrocuting.  From day one there was chemistry.  Like Mary said, “Chemistry was crazy from the get-go, neither one of us knew why.”  Knowing that, I should have known this basketball game date would be fun, but difficult.  But, you live and you learn.

The basketball date lead to daily phone calls, at least 4 or 5 times a day.  It lead to daily greeting cards.  It lead to me almost falling back in love with this person.  I was so blind to think perhaps… this time… he’d come correct.  You already know that did not happen.  Hence the downDATE report.  To his credit, he is not a bad guy, he just has a lot of luvshitz to clean up.  You’re wondering what I mean by luvshitz?  Well, luvshitz is all that baggage from past relationships that continues to find its way into our current life and relationship.   Yea, all that messy, nasty, stinky stuff we must all go through at least once to learn what YOU DON’T WANT.  Yep.  That crap.

Well, he has a lot of that and even though he is very close to his fabulous forties, he has so much maturing to do.  He has not figured out how to keep his life compartmentalized.  He totally is a candidate for a life organizer.  But, I have three children to raise and I do not have time to raise a thirtysomething man.  Dating should be fun.  Chemistry should not only be physical, but also mental.  We have the physical chemistry down.  The mental part… Well that has been the problem for some time now.  I’m in the classic love stories.  He’s in the trashy-love stories.  See, I’m on page 200 of a Jane Austen and he’s on page 20 of your grocery store market $5.00 love story.  You know the type.  Soft back with a long-haired sexy white man embracing a blond blue-eyed damsel in distress on the cover.  Yea.  The trashy love stories.  He is used to women that are okay with mediocre pursuits and courtship.  I on the other hand will not accept such simple attempts and therefore, this wonderful basketball date turned into a brief courtship, has ended in a downDATE.  Perhaps in the future when his luvshitz is gone, I’ll give him another shot.  Or perhaps me giving him the boot, finally, will produce an outstanding man for the next woman.  In any event, I feel good about my decision.  If I have produced a romantic mature man for another fabulous woman as myself, I’ve done something right.   Although a downDATE, I see the positive in all of this and will move on with the lessons God intended me to learn.

Signing off until my next dating adventure,



About SingleandtheTown
I am a simply fabulous thirtysomething divorced mother of three beautiful children starting my career as a lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love good food, people watching and comedy. Hence the decision to chronicle my outrageously comedic dating experience in the Town. Yep, that's right. Oaktown! Born in Oakland and raised in the East Bay, my dating life is as diverse as the Bay.

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